Michelle Lawless Yoga

Michelle Lawless has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2013 having completed her teacher training courses in Spain and America. Michelle teaches a variety of classes around Dublin ranging from beginners classes, mixed level, power, vinyasa and prenatal classes.With a keen interest in the athletic world Michelle specialises in sports specific power yoga.  Most recently she has returned from Scottsdale, Arizona having completed the exclusive Yoga for Golfers ® programme certified by internationally acclaimed golf fitness expert Katherine Roberts. She has trained rugby teams, golfers, crossfit gyms to name a few.

One of the biggest obstacles I have come across since starting Flawless Yoga is the reluctance of individuals within the fitness industry and sporting world to give yoga a chance to enhance their performance. While most are fully aware of the benefits of yoga and how increased flexibility, mobility, balance, energy levels, core strength, body toning, mental focus and overall calmness and mental clarity will assist them in their given sport, there is a preconception that yoga is a lesser workout and that they are sacrificing a workout by taking a yoga class

While some of the leading sports figures (David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Andy Murray etc) have made people more open to yoga I find there is still a large resistance.My goal is to show people that yoga is an amazing complimentary activity to support and enhance your current training programme. My aim in each class is to create an environment where people aren’t intimidated to try, there is no right or wrong in yoga just wherever you are at on any given day. And as we are all so different within each class I will always provide a variety of options for each pose so that no one leaves not being able to do a pose. While the end pose may not be accessible to everyone immediately there will always be a benefit in doing what you can and also the option to take the pose further and constantly challenge yourself, your body and your mind.

I truly believe that everyone can reap the benefits of yoga despite any limitations you may or may not have. Yoga is for every shape, size, age, range of flexibility. If you can breathe you can do yoga! In addition to sports specific yoga conditioning classes I also provide Hatha yoga, power yoga and prenatal yoga classes. All classes are mixed level and no previous yoga experience is required.