Flawless Yoga Outdoors – Saturday April 16th

April 16, 2016

12:30 - 13:30

St Stephen's Green

Free of Charge

Enjoy all the benefits of yoga, outside in the open air! On Saturday the 16th of April we will be running an outdoor yoga session in St Stephens Green Park.


What are the benefits?

Are you a fair-weather yogi who only likes to practice when the sun is out and the birds are singing? Or does the thought of practicing outdoor yoga fill you with dread and worry that people will look at you and judge? Either way, here’s a little bit about the benefits of an Outdoor Yoga Class.

  1. You know all that breathing you do in a yoga class? Ujjayi breath perhaps? Deep inhales and exhales through the nose, counting the breath, holding the breath? Well all of this is much easier, cleaner and refreshing when you are breathing in the clean air beside the sea or in a park.
  2. Instead of looking up to the ceiling as you lift your drishti (or gaze), you raise your eyes, chin and heart to the sky, the feel of the wind and the passing birds. If you take the time to appreciate these sensations and be mindful of what is around you, your feeling of ease & contentment with life will soar.
  3. A good yoga teacher will bring your attention to the sounds and vibrations around you as you practice – connecting you to the earth and creating a grounded feeling in your body.
  4. Getting outdoors and spending an hour with like-minded yogis does wonders for the soul and your sense of self. Taking the time and spending it on something positive for you results in a happier mind, less reactive behaviour and honest relationships.
  5. Practicing outdoor yoga requires a certain level of confidence; you are putting yourself on display, practicing asana’s out in the open and perhaps feeling a little vulnerable. This is ok. You are stepping out of our comfort zone, challenging your habits – and this is when you start to make real & lasting changes in your life.

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